Thursday, August 29, 2013

Westward Bound!

We took the train!!  After looking into renting a van and assessing how much stuff we had to bring we decided that we wouldn't fit...
What an exciting trip.  None of us have ever been on a passenger train, so the excitement was through the roof when it was time to go.  We took the Amtrack through the US because it was a bit faster and cheaper for us as a family of 6!
AMAZING friends (Elisa Jersak and the girls, Joe and Kristin Eapen and Jonah)  took us to Grand Forks, ND and got us safely on the train.  It took us around 24 hours to get to Sandpoint, ID where Nana and Papa Eheler picked us up.
These pictures are of us in the viewing car where we could go and watch the great scenery.  We were disappointed that it was dark by the time we got to the Rockies:(